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Digital Transformation

Finding highly skilled employees can be time-consuming and costly. Whether you need to find top talent, find the next great job opportunity, or a consulting solution for managing complex business and resourcing challenges, Dwight Patterson was birthed to help companies facing various hiring and IT training needs.

Dwight Patterson wanted to be positioned as an authority leader in the specialist recruitment industry, matching employers with highly skilled IT talents. Given the peculiarity of the industry, Dwight Patterson had to be positioned to be a recruitment agency of choice.

We were privileged to partner with the brand on this journey of digital transformation, firstly crafting a visual brand identity, crafting a corporate communications strategy, and developing a fully responsive website built on the WordPress CMS engine.


Website Revamp

We had to overhaul the website to complement the business’s strategic goals, making it easy for candidates to search for and apply for jobs. The new website was also developed with best-in-class SEO engines.

Content Marketing

The first point of duty was to craft a data-driven effective social media strategy that cuts across relevant marketing channels. We carried out due diligence in understanding the ideal employer and employee persona; and how to craft relevant messaging for both employers and candidates.

Results &

Significantly increased brand’s share of voice and oversaw an increase in social media audience from ‘non-existent’ to over 1,000 organic followers. We also established a robust job vacancy distribution system that ensured Dwight Patterson delivered high-quality candidates to employers.

All these were achieved in under 4 months, with zero marketing spend.