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Hankali Group

  • December 15, 2022

Hankali Group


Skincare and Beauty


Marketing Communications
ECommerce Website Development



Hankali was born out of a passion for high-performance skincare.

The business goal is to educate consumers while being transparent about what ingredients go into their skincare products. Hankali products not only make you feel good with the daily self-affirming and self-love quotes on each jar, but they also make you look good.

We were tasked with communicating the essence of the Hankali brand, telling its story with the brand’s key messaging to its Target Audience.

Hankali Group had a website that needed to be optimized for mobile responsiveness and injected with SEO engines for enhanced organic visibility.

We were privileged to partner with the brand in firstly understanding the business goal of prioritizing transparency and consumer satisfaction over pricing; we then conducted brand framework research, competitive landscape analysis both from a digital brand perspective and business operations perspective. This helped us provide business intelligence on pricing, GTM strategy and archetype frameworks.

E Commerce Website Revamp

The first major task was to update the existing website, infusing more functionalities, whilst improving overall load time and responsiveness. Some of the new functionalities included; Live Chat for real time consultation, currency switcher, technical SEO plugins.

Social Media Automation

We were tasked with managing every bit of online interactions with existing and new customers via Instagram. We created a content planning, scheduling and reporting framework, ensuring that the brand maintained relevance, and ultimately made sales.

Influencer Consultation

Understanding that the beauty and skincare industry thrives on having a human appeal tied to a brand, we had to consult for Hankali, in identifying and managing micro influencers.

Results &

We were able to successfully automate the eCommerce experience, shortening checkout time and improving the overall user experience on the brand’s website, increasing load time by 65%.

We were also able to increase social media engagements by 43.3%, increase organic unique reach and impressions by a combined rate of 33% and 40%